Smith is an experimental printmaker working with natural and found materials and alternative processes.

She often prints with repurposed leather, and also teaches and experiments with cyanotype, using everyday objects and sunlight to make photograms in different weather conditions and at different times of day, mostly on her roof terrace in North London. 

She is motivated by the positive energy released by the "aha" moments that come with experimentation, and then from applying technical expertise to develop an idea and learning from what happens. Working with Natural forms and textures, and outside with sunlight is soothing and works as a form of mindfulness. Using everyday objects in her work keeps her grounded, and is also a good source of positive surprises, as are unpredictable weather conditions for exposing cyanotypes.

All her prints are made individually by hand, and are unique or part of only a small edition.


Smith graduated from Central St Martins and now lives and works in London.

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